For professional and DIY purposes, our range of sand has your needs covered. These versatile products have many applications on building sites, home gardens, workplaces and schools. All are available for pick up or call us to arrange a delivery to your location in one of our various size tip trucks.

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Bedding Sand

This product is suitable for plumbers and householders needing to fill in trenches and around pipe work.

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Medium River Sand

An all-purpose sand product, suitable for top-dressing lawns, children’s sandpits and tiling. Forms the base of our builder’s concrete mix. This product is washed as a part of processing by the supplier.

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Fine Sand

Suitable for external rendering, grouting and bedding of above ground swimming pools.

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White Sand

Fine sand, suitable for grouting and white mortar for face brickwork. Can also be used for children’s sandpits.

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Brickies' Loam

This product is suitable for mortar for face brickwork.

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Coarse Sand

This is the most coarse sand available. A non-washed product suitable to be combined with other garden products to help with drainage.

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