Mulch allows for functional, attractive, and maintainable gardening. It is an essential part of any water-wise landscaping. Mulch reduces water loss, suppress weeds and protect against high temperatures. Our range is sourced from top quality, environmentally-sustainable producers.

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25MM Screened Pine Bark

Sourced from South Queensland, this bark is an ideal mulch for all household and commercial applications.

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Unscreened Pine Bark

Sourced from South Queensland, ideal for the home gardener looking to cover large areas. As the product is unscreened, bark sizes vary.

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A hardwood material, sourced from the off-cuts of milled timber. Woodchip is a cost-effective mulch and weed control product.

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Tree Mulch

Sourced from a local tree lopper, this mulch offers consistent leaf matter. Breaks down to a soil enricher. This product is clean and rubbish free.

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Sugar Cane Mulch (Pre Wrapped)

The natural way to control weeds, aid water retention, encourage earthworm activity & protect plant root systems for a healthier, hardier garden. 1 bale will cover approximately 8m2 at 50mm deep.

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Cypress Chip

Cypress Mulch

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