Compost & Potting Mix

Compost & Potting Mix

Our compost is sourced from environmentally approved sites and is screened.

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Pine Compost


Pine Compost Potting Mix

Pine Compost   Potting Mix with Sand

Premium grade pine slash can be used for fast propagating of plants. This product has been left in its natural form for those who like to make their own blend.


Premium grade potting mix utilised by nurseries for fast propagating of plants. It is a blend of Medium Washed Sand with Pine Compost.




NuPurpose Potting Mix

NuPurpose Potting Mix is available for purchase in 25L bags. This potting mix was recently compared to a major potting mix brand and it held 50% more water. There are multiple benefits of using NuPurpose potting mix.
NuPurpose Potting Mix   NuPurpose Potting Mix   NuPurpose Potting Mix
NuPurpose puts health and vitality back into your garden and creates the best growing conditions for your plants. It offers greater performance in general growing situations and peace of mind that you are using the highest performing potting mix available. The active biological ingredients contain natural, slow-release nutrients that encourage healthier root systems and healthier plants.
NuPurpose is suitable for most planting applications. This mix complies with the requirements of AS 3743 for a premium potting mix.
NuPurpose is a leading garden-to-garden innovation made under strict controls. It beneficially reuses healthy, green organics from Aussie gardens to make the best quality compost in the market. Combined with mineral ingredients, NuPurpose takes our garden byproducts full circle via this Queensland-made, environmentally-friendly, professional-grade potting mix.